How many inhabitants did Cologne have in 2020?

28.12.2021 - With 1.088 million inhabitants (exactly 1,088,040, as of Dec. 31, 2020), Cologne is Germany's fourth-largest city. For the first time since 2013, there were thus fewer inhabitants in 2020 than in 2019 (1,091,819).
Cologne residents are on average 39.9 years old and about 2,700 citizens live per square kilometre.
Population:* 1,088,040
Population density:** 2,675.2 people per km²
Average age:* 39.9
But what does it actually look like in Cologne's districts? How do they differ from one another? Are there districts that have a particularly large number of inhabitants, or particularly young or old ones? Which Cologne district has the highest population density?

*Source: Stadt Köln

**Source: Landesbetrieb IT.NRW

Effective date inhabitants information districts: 31.12.2017.

Population Köln

The most populous district of Cologne is Mülheim. The Neustadt/Süd district ranks second in terms of population, followed by Ehrenfeld.
At the lower end of the population is the district of Libur.

Population density Köln

Neustadt/Süd is the most densely populated district in Cologne. In the direct neighborhood is the also very densely populated district Altstadt/Süd.
The last place of the most densely populated districts of Cologne is occupied by the district of Libur.

Average age Köln

The difference in the average age of the districts in Cologne is a moderate 11.4 years.
The oldest district in Cologne on average is Heimersdorf, with an average age of 46.5 years. With an average age of 35.9 years, Blumenberg is the youngest district in Cologne.