Moving to Berlin - we always find the right address!

Whether because of a new career, a course of study or simply a change of scenery, people keep deciding to move to a foreign city. Moving to a foreign area is not always easy, especially since as a stranger you are not familiar with the individual districts and their advantages. So it's good to have someone who knows the area and can give you advice on the right place to live.

Our company is this „person of trust“ for each of our customers. Since everyone has different demands on their place of residence, we have made it our business to find the right home for everyone. In addition to numerous other large cities in Germany, Berlin is also part of our service area. We would like to present our services here. We will be happy to answer any further questions directly and personally.

Our service for our customers

Anyone who wants to move to Berlin must have a picture of the capital of Germany. But Berlin is too big and too diverse to fit into a template. That is why we at GEOfy have precisely analyzed numerous neighborhoods throughout the city and the surrounding suburbs and cataloged them using numerous key data. These key data include, for example, the connection to the public transport network, shopping, nightlife, security, usual rent levels and the friendliness for children or pets.

We compare these complex characteristics with the preferences of our customers. To this end, we ask our customers a series of simple, intuitive questions. There is no right or wrong here, just the personal preferences of our customers. Based on the answers, we can calculate which topics are really important and in which area the individual parameters should move.

This allows us to find the most suitable from the database of our neighborhoods. We present these recommendations clearly and make it clear why we are making a recommendation and which exact properties are available.

The advantages for our customers

Our customers benefit from numerous advantages when they choose our service. With thousands of data points from hundreds of sources, our data network is dense and objectively finds the perfect neighborhood for everyone. We are also happy to advise customers from abroad.

In addition to a permanent move, we also offer valuable information for a city trip or a longer stay. We can support individuals as well as families of all sizes. Our simple questionnaire saves hours of searching on numerous websites, which often do not want or can not present the complete picture.