Moving to Hamburg - find the right addresses with us!

The lively, modern and cosmopolitan metropolis of Hamburg continues to attract and captivate new residents year after year. At the same time, the individual neighborhoods of Hamburg differ just as much as their residents, and it is often difficult for people unfamiliar with the area to find the perfect place to live. To ensure that this endeavour is successful and that all other aspects of the move go smoothly, we at GEOfy offer an in-depth consulting service on all aspects of the move. Here we present what we offer and how our consulting service works. We are also happy to answer any questions on this subject and introduce ourselves to our customers in a no obligation meeting.

Find the right place to live with us

Each of our visitors has unique requirements and wishes for their place of residence. While some prefer it to be quiet and tranquil, others want the bustling nightlife on their doorstep. A third is looking for an affordable place to live, even in the surrounding area, while the fourth wants to live close to his future workplace. All these and many other aspects must be taken into account when choosing the right place to live.

For this purpose, we have prepared a questionnaire that each of our customers can conveniently fill in for themselves. Based on the given answers and our data catalog compiled from over 100 data sources with over a million indicators, we find the residential neighborhoods that perfectly match the wishes, ideas and possibilities of our customers. We present these hits with a clear explanation of the individual advantages and characteristics of the neighborhoods. In this way, we provide a valuable decision-making aid. Valuable data can also be found for numerous other large and small German cities. In total, we have data on 11000 regions throughout Germany.

Find the place of residence with the practical online questionnaire

Once the decision for our offer has been made, the use is very simple. On the preferred city page, our customer can open a questionnaire and answer a few simple questions. The questions cover important aspects such as rent price, size of the household and whether our customer would like to live in the central area or also in the surroundings of Hamburg.

In addition, some questions are asked about our customer's preferences. For example, we ask which aspects of good living are particularly important or less important. Answering the questions takes only a minute. Alternatively, our customers can also look at the ranking of individual districts based on typical population groups, such as students or families with children. Interesting information can be found for each district.