Relocate to the metropolis Cologne

Cologne - the city with around 1.1 million inhabitants in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany - has been experiencing a real boom in residents for several years. Everyone wants to live in the cool, hip and modern metropolis on the river Rhine. Cologne rocks because of the numerous sights, events, fairs and bars in one of the most popular travel destinations and residential areas in Germany. In addition to the famous Cologne Cathedral and the Cologne Opera, the city also impresses with numerous green spaces and parks to relax on the edge of the river Rhine. The city is also a significant trade fair location, several well-known trade fairs with thousands are held every year Visitors. Well-known events include the Gamescom video game fair and FIBO fitness and health fair.

The most beautiful areas for families

Cologne is a big city with many different neighborhoods that comes with different benefits. Therefore, the move to Cologne should be well thought out so that the right address for your own needs and wishes can be found. GEOfy has analyzed various residential areas of Cologne exactly according to public connections, shopping opportunities, nightlife, security, rent levels and friendliness for children and evaluated the best residential areas for families and students. High up on the list of the most beautiful residential areas for families is the Buchforst district on the right bank of the Rhine in the Mülheim district. The Müngershof district in the west of Cologne is also one of the most suitable addresses for families. Müngershof is the venue of 1. FC Cologne and is one of the most popular residential areas due to its location on the outer green belt of Cologne. Other districts for families are Cologne-Nippes on the left bank of the Rhine, Cologne-Bilderstöckchen in the north of Cologne and Cologne-Widdersdorf in the Lindenthal district. The districts mentioned were evaluated as family-friendly residential areas due to the high number of residents of family age, low crime rates, high density of doctors, high density of kindergartens, schools, leisure facilities, recreational areas and green spaces and the short distance to supermarkets.

Die schönsten Gegenden für Studenten

As already mentioned, GEOfy also analyzes residential areas for students. Of course, other features - such as proximity to nightlife, low rental prices and the expansion of the public transport network - are taken into account here. The districts of Cologne-Altstadt North and South, Cologne-Neustadt North and South and Cologne-Deutz on the right bank of the Rhine in the metropolis are particularly suitable for students. The districts convince with a short distance to the universities and a high density of restaurants and nightclubs. Furthermore, there are a large number of single households in the districts, many leisure activities for students, very good local amenities and enough green areas for sporting activities and relaxation.